Simple Orb Tool

In this light painting photography tutorial you will learn how to create a simple but effective orb maker, for those of us who cant figure out how to wire those damn LED’s. Presented and created by Jason D. Page.

What you will need is a string of battery operated led or holiday lights, tape, and scissors.

Pull the string apart.

Approximate the length that you need and count the number of lights to the floor.

Once you have the length take the lights from the end of the string and start bunching them together.

Rip off a good length of tape.

Tape those suckers together good and tight.

Now go thru and tape over the lights that are left in the string so you cannot see them.

Don’t forget the batteries.

Light her up.

Check for any light leaks.

Cover the light bleeds with some more tape.

Cut the excess

Now you ready! Spin away.

Test 1

Get silly and add some color.

Cover up just a few of the LED’s for a cool effect.

Test 2 (with just a few LED’s covered)

Test 3 (with most of the LED’s covered)