Vicki DaSilva Takes Over Times Square 06-18-2012

Light Painting Photography and Light Graffiti pioneer Vicki DaSilva is getting some well deserved massive exposure tomorrow night! And by MASSIVE I not only mean the scope of the amount of people that one of Vicki’s light painting works will reach but also in SIZE! Tomorrow night is the premiere of the Artist Wanted event “Art Takes Time Square” and Mrs. DaSilva’s work will be displayed on a billboard rumored to be 23 stories high!?!?!?! Are you in NY Check out the event here to RSVP. Goooooo Vicki Goooooooo!!!!


  1. brian hart says

    i believe vicki ‘painted’ this while ai’s whereabouts were still unknown – during his detention

  2. brian hart says

    it references alison klayman’s film about ai wei wei by the same name – which itself references ai’s unapologetic critique on the chinese government