March-April Light Painting Photography Contest

The theme for the light painting contest for March-April is to create a light painting photograph incorporating the light painting photography logo (Posted Below). You can print it and make a light stencil, you can light draw it, project it on the moon, draw it with a laser, or anything else you can think of but it must be created in one single exposure using a light painting technique, NOT PHOTOSHOPPED in.

We had really good results with length of last months contest so we are going to also make this contest a little longer,  you have 2 months to come up with something mind blowing….Submit your images to by the 21th of April to win your LPP prize pack and a featured post on the website! Please remember to follow the THEME of the contest and resize your images to 600 pixels on the longest side and 72 dpi. If you do not follow the theme of the contest your image will not be accepted, and as always no F#@&*! photoshop. We ran a similar contest last year and light painter Nocturne won with this image…

P.S. The rules have changed a bit so click here to read all about it.

The light painting photography contest series is sponsored by COAST, the greatest flashlight company on earth! Click the banner to check out and support the company that supports our art form!


  1. Joyce says

    Just wondering, how did you get the logo on while you are lighting painting with the fire work ?:)