and, Team Up

One of the questions that I get the most here on Light Painting Photography is what tools should I get and where can I get them. I had been working on some ideas, trying different ways of putting a store together to supply the products that light painters’ need. Then a few months back I saw light painting photography’s very own technical genius Michael Ross had already done it! Mike started the website where he makes some really cools S*!@ for light painters, things like Light Markers, Orb Tools, and RGB Light Wands.

So Mike and I started talking about what he was trying to do and why he started the website.  We have a similar love of light painting photography and a passion for sharing it with the world. Soooooo we teamed up. In the tools section of this site you will now find links to the products offered at I will keep you updated with his new tools as they become available! Now get over there and buy something so Mr. Ross can keep creating innovative tools like The Digital Light Wand for the light painting world.