Jason D. Page

Jason D. Page

Jason D. Page

Light painting artist Jason D. Page has been a photographer for sixteen years. He has been light painting since 2004. Jason first discovered light painting photography when he used light from the moon to create designs in the sky. His first light painting series are known as “Moonlight Drawings”.  He has received parking tickets, trespass warnings, and been chased out of the woods by a possible Bigfoot all in the name of light painting photography. Jason prefers to shoot alone at night deep into the woods, he says the fear that he sometimes feels allows his imagination to run wild and under these circumstances Jason can create his best work. He has a passion for sharing the art form of light painting photography and has made it his life’s mission to expose and explore light painting to its fullest potential. Jason founded this website (www.lightpaintingphotography.com) so that he could give additional exposure to light painting artist that are on the forefront of the movement and share what he has learned in his years of light painting. View some of Jason’s images and check out his full artist  interview below. For even more info and images check out his website jasondpage.com

Light Painting Photography Interview with Artist Jason D. Page

1. What is your name? Jason D. Page

2. Do you have an alias that you go by? Teet, Turtle, Teeteemando

3. Are you a soloist or are you part of a Light Painting group? If a group who is in your group? Soloist unless it is something super complex then I will get some help. If I get help it is usually from my wife Courtney or my friends Jacob Peterson, John Bibbo, and/or Geoff Dunn.

4. What education do you have? AA degree and AS in Film Production

5. What is your occupation? Photographer/Videographer/Valet Parker

6. How long have you been a photographer? 16 years

7. How long have you been light painting? Since 2004

8. How did you discover Light Painting Photography? Out one night shooting pictures and I accidentally bumped my camera causing a light streak across the sky.

9. What was your first Light Painting Image? My first ones were just random lines and stuff in the sky using the moonlight, the first one that I was proud of was a heart design that I drew with the moonlight.

10. Film or Digital? Both

11. Do you believe in aliens? Sure why not, the concept of space boggles my mind, it is so vast, to think that we are the only life form would be silly.

12. What is your standard Light Painting Photography setup? I really depends on what I am going to shoot. I like to shoot with a shot in mind I don’t do well when I just go out and shoot without something specific in mind. Generally a backpack with some snacks and drinks, hiking boots, a knife, bear spray, and a stick, I go into the woods alone a lot oh and Canon 50d, lots of batteries, and random lights.

13. What is your favorite color? Green and Purple

14. Who influences your Light Painting Photography work? So many people… Dean Chamberlain is a huge influence. Ideas come at the most random moments, I try to write them down when inspiration strike because I forget everything.

15. Who is your favorite Light Painting Artist? I don’t have a favorite but I really like Dean Chamberlain, TCB, Lapp-Pro, Bosanko, Ectro, Tig Tab, Dasilva, Staller, Lichtfaktor, Rochon, Jadikan, T-Dub, Tackyshack, Calvert, Jannepaint, Charland, many, many more….

16. What is your favorite food? Indian and Mexican

17. Do you create in any other mediums other than light painting? If so what are they? I shoot and edit video. I have made some short films, surf and skateboard videos.

18. What is your favorite Light Painting Photography image that you have created? In Bloom, because I know what went into creating it…. It took me 3 nights of shooting it over and over to get it the way I wanted it to look.

19. What is your favorite Light Painting Photography image of another artist? I could not name one.

20. What is the most difficult part of Light Painting Photography? Trying to create any 3 dimensional object and finding your stuff in the dark.

21. How do you get you Light Painting Photography work seen? I do art shows, enter art contest, online websites, and I have my work in a gallery.

22. Do you sell your Light Painting Photography work? yes

23. Are you represented by a gallery? Kind of.

24. Where can we see more of your work? Online at jasondpage.com and Leidy Images

25. What is your favorite quote? “I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.”

26. Who is your favorite artist? Leonardo Da Vinci

27. What is you favorite activity other than light painting? Surfing, swimming, diving… I love being in the ocean

28. Tell me a good light painting story. To me every time I go shoot it is a good story. I love to be alone in the woods or on the beach it is so peaceful and inspiring at night.

29. Tell me a nightmare light painting story… The scariest thing that has ever happened to me when I was light painting was one night about a mile into the woods I had hiked out just before dark and scouted a location. I was all set up and started doing some test shots as it got dark. About 45 minutes after dark I heard a group of wild pigs coming thru the brush. I started hitting the bushes with a stick that I carry with me and they usually will run off in the other direction. This time they didn’t take off, I started thinking this is strange then from directly behind me I hear the most god awful screaming, I was scared to death I started yelling get out of here and banging the trees with the stick I had. I stopped and the thing screams at me again! Now it is pitch black and I am alone, Im shinning my light to see this thing and cant spot anything but a big bunch of brush moving. I grabbed most of my gear and booked it out of there faster than I knew I could run. Never saw a thing don’t known If it was some rednecks screwing with me or if it was a bigfoot but I have never gone back to that section of woods.

30. Have you ever been arrested or ticketed for light painting? Never arrested for it but I have had parking tickets and trespass warning.

31. What do you say to people when they see you light painting and they ask “what the hell are you doing”? Taking pictures that usually satisfies them, if they want more info I will usually try to show them or invite them to take a turn with the lights.

32. Where do you find inspiration for your Light Painting Photography? Music and Nature.

33. Who would you like to punch? Greedy people.

34. Who would you like to kiss? Since I am Married….My wife

35. Why do you Light Paint? Because I love everything about it. It is my passion!

36. What is your favorite time to shoot? As a big thunderstorm is moving in with lots of lightning.

37. What is your favorite subject to shoot? Nature

38. Where is your favorite place to shoot? In the middle of nowhere… out there when my mind begins to race and my imagination runs wild is when I create my best work. in the dark right on the edge of wanting to crawl into the fetal position and cry.

39. If you could travel anywhere to Light Paint where would you go? I would like to go shoot in the American southwest, the painted desert, the crystal caves, and the Grand Canyon. I went there on vacation years ago before I started light painting.

40. Have you ever invented a Light Painting Photography tool? If so what was it and how did it work? I invented a system of tools called Light Painting Brushes.

41. Do you ever get sick of explaining your work to people? At art shows, to people that don’t purchase pictures yes.

42. How many times have you heard the word photoshop when someone was describing or asking about your work? Every art show about every other person.

43. What makes you happy? Music, family, nature, freedom, the ocean.

44. What makes you mad? Greedy people

45. What part of Light Painting Photography do you enjoy the most? The exploration of new locations, the innovation of new tools and techniques, and the community that light painting has.

46. What part of Light Painting Photography do you hate the most? Getting scared in the middle of nowhere, when my mind crosses the line from being inspirational and imaginative and it starts playing tricks on me and freaking me the f@#! Out.

47. Do you have a website? If yes what is the address? Jasondpage.com

48. What is Light Painting Photography? Light Painting is the single greatest art form.

49. Give me some advice for anyone that might like to try Light Painting Photography. Get a good tripod.

50. Are you scared of the dark? Sometimes.