Light Art Congress Speeches from Oviedo

All of the speeches from the second International Light Art Congress in Oviedo Spain have been uploaded to the intrawebs! If (like me) you were not able to attend this awesome light painting photography event at least you can check out some of the speeches from some of the leaders of the light painting movement! Below is an interesting one from light painting pioneers Lichtfaktor and all the links to the rest are below! Enjoy.

HANNU HUHTAMO “From light art to social art” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

PALA TETH “A little touch of magic and a big bunch of fireworks” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

DAN WHITAKER “Organized chaos and seeing things from a different angle” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

CHANETTE MANSO “Light or matter” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

JADIKAN “Relief Lightpainting Photography, another perspective” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

ADRIESPELEO “Fotografía nocturna de naturaleza y mundo subterráneo” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES)

MASS “The Light and the Body” / “Contorsiolight” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES & FR)

ELEMENTAL LIGHT “Luz elemental” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES)

DARKREDTEAM “Evolución en el light painting de DARKREDTEAM” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES)

Light Painting Photography Contest Entries, April 2017

Here are the entries for the April 2017 Light Painting Photography Refractograph Contest! It was great to see some entries from people that had never tried this technique before, inspiring you to shoot something new is what the contest series is all about! Everyone PLEASE VOTE in the comment section of this page to pick your top 3 favorite images, the images all have a number in the title (EXAMPLE… IF ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES IS THE IMAGE TITLED “Light Painting Contest 08 April 2017″ THEN YOU SHOULD PUT THE NUMBER 8 AS ONE OF YOUR CHOICES). Voters please vote just one time and you must include 3 unique choices for your vote to be counted. In other words no 1,1,1, or 5,5,5, or 7,7,7,…..Please pick your three favorite IMAGES based on the image alone, thank you and enjoy. Voting ends April 30th at Midnight Eastern Standard Time.


The light painting photography contest series is sponsored by the best damn companies on earth COAST Flashlights, Neon Flexible, LED Flexible,and Light Painting Brushes ! Please support these awesome companies that support our light painting art from, without them this contest series would not be possible!

Light Painting Facebook Learning Groups

Recently there have been some great new groups created on Facebook specific to particular styles of Light Painting and I thought it would be good to share some of them here. These groups are great places to find inspiration, tips, and most importantly a community of like minded individuals that are happy to help you create your light painting visions. Enjoy.
The first is one founded by Eric Pare this group is all about light painting with the fluorescent tube guards that Eric has made famous.

Light Painting Brushes Tricks and Tips
This group is run by the Light Painting Brushes Brand Ambassadors and is a awesome group all about creating using the Light Painting Brushes tools.

Founded by light panting pioneer Patrick Rochon this light painting group is specific to the art of using plexiglass light painting tools also known as blades.

Fiber Optic Light Painting
Founded by fiber optic light painting pioneer Maria Saggese this group is all about the incredible effects that can be achieved with fiber optic light painting tools.

Light Paint Lab
Founded by creative madman Dan Chick this group is great for awesome ideas and being inspired by Dan’s cutting edge techniques!

Camera Rotation and Kinetic Photography 
This group is all about creating light paintings by moving your camera! Image above by CRT pioneer Chris Thompson.

Jan Leonardo/Learn
Founded by LAPP co-creator Jan Leonardo this group is for learning and sharing Light Art Performance Photography.

The Official Pixelstick Group
All about using the Pixel stick to create your digital light painting magic.

If you have a Facebook account I highly recommend checking out these groups.