Light Art Congress Speeches from Oviedo

All of the speeches from the second International Light Art Congress in Oviedo Spain have been uploaded to the intrawebs! If (like me) you were not able to attend this awesome light painting photography event at least you can check out some of the speeches from some of the leaders of the light painting movement! Below is an interesting one from light painting pioneers Lichtfaktor and all the links to the rest are below! Enjoy.

HANNU HUHTAMO “From light art to social art” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

PALA TETH “A little touch of magic and a big bunch of fireworks” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

DAN WHITAKER “Organized chaos and seeing things from a different angle” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

CHANETTE MANSO “Light or matter” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

JADIKAN “Relief Lightpainting Photography, another perspective” [LightArtOVD 2016] (EN)

ADRIESPELEO “Fotografía nocturna de naturaleza y mundo subterráneo” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES)

MASS “The Light and the Body” / “Contorsiolight” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES & FR)

ELEMENTAL LIGHT “Luz elemental” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES)

DARKREDTEAM “Evolución en el light painting de DARKREDTEAM” [LightArtOVD 2016] (ES)