“Transcend” Light Painter Linda Costa Cheranichit’s Solo Exhibition

Congratulations to light painter Linda Costa Cheranichit who is having a solo exhibition of her work as a part of Atlanta Celebrate Photography! The show is called Transcend and Linda will be displaying 23 light paintings some of which will be printed as large as 5 feet by 8 feet! Linda says "the work is about my's life journey, my emotions and … [Read More...]


Carlotta Bertelli’s Light Painting, The Lamplighter Project

Recently I saw a post from Carlotte Bertelli showing some 3D live light painting. I said HUH, Wait WHAT?!?! it was incredible, something I have never seen before. Then I started to check out her LampLighter Project website and fell face first into live light painting madness the likes of which I have never seen. To say that Carlotte is pushing … [Read More...]


Spaxels Light Painting

Talk about taking light painting to new levels… this one literally does in terms of height and progression. Spaxels Light Painting is a swarm of remote controlled drones that can create 3D light painting is the sky. Did you hear what I say?!? They can create 3D LIGHT PAINTINGS in the FREAKING SKY! check out the video and for more Click HERE. … [Read More...]


JanLeonardo Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Congratulations to Light Painting Photographer JanLeonardo for being selected to create the poster for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show! Incredible work as always, read more about it HERE. … [Read More...]


The Light Painting Brush System

The most common question that I get besides "Is That Photoshop" is "What kind of light tools do you use?" Like most light painters I have used everything you can think of to modify light. Over my years of Light Painting many of my light modifiers have been empty plastic bottles. The problem I had, and I think many of us have, was that to … [Read More...]