Light Painting by Patrick Rochon for Infinity 01

Patrick Rochon “Inspired Light”

Prepare to have your mind blown out of your head. You may have seen recently Light Painting Photographer Patrick Rochon teamed up with the creative design team at Infinity to create the most beautiful automotive advertising campaign ever. I know I am a little bias but oh my goodness this is some stunning work! Now that things have settled down … [Read More...]


SNL Light Painting Photography

Check out this MAJOR Mainstream light painting! A few months back I was talking with the film production unit from SNL about light painting and the different ways to incorporate it into their opening montage. They decided to use a Pixelstick and a stop motion technique. "We shot that same frame over and over until we had about 40 frames. … [Read More...]


Thymio The Light Painting Robot?

You may remember back in 2009 when that fancy robot vacuum the Roomba came out, some smarty pants kids got together at the Braunschweig University of Technology and made some really cool Jackson Pollock like light paintings. This robot is a little different from the Roomba because this robot doesn't suck...(see what I did there) its actually pretty … [Read More...]


Light Painters on News Stands NOW!

There are a few magazines you may want to pick up on news stands NOW featuring Light Painting! The first is ShutterBug Magazine's "Expert Photo Techniques" issue featuring masters Troy Paiva, Lance Keimig, and Darren Pearson! The other may be a little harder to find but if you do it will be worth it for the images alone, its FOCUS Magazine out of … [Read More...]

Light Painting Iron Man

Iron Man Light Painting

Check out these super cool Light Paintings and BTS images from Iron Man Live! Created by JanLeonard, Barney Flashlight, Heinz Jörg Wurzbacher, Garry Krätz and JanLeonardo's beautiful lady Anna Möller. … [Read More...]