ILPA 2015 Nominess

International Light Painting Awards 2015 Nominees

We have narrowed down the nearly 1000 submissions to just 100 images that will now go to the Grand Jury for the final 5 selection. As a part of the Artist Jury narrowing down the images to just 100 was extremely difficult. I feel for the grand jury that will have to pick a winner from all of the incredible submissions. Very inspiring to see so many … [Read More...]

Light Painting Janne Parviainen and Hannu Huhtamo 01

Janne Parviainen – The Dawn

Janne Parviainen continues to blow my mind. Check out this new imagery and video in collaboration with Hannu Huhtamo, one word WOW! An improvised stop motion animation journey into a dream about making art. Hundred hours of work, sleepless nights, marveling the moon, enjoying the night wind and seeing the sunrise over the ocean went into this … [Read More...]

Light Painting Onboard Memory

Light Painting Break Down: Johnny Dickerson for Onboard Memory

From time to time we come across a light painting and just stare it wondering how the F@#! did they do that?!?! Break Down is a series if which I only ask the artist one question “How the F@#! did you make this” its up to the artist to tell as little or as much as they want. For this Light Painting Breakdown Johnny Dickerson talks us through how he … [Read More...]