Light Painting Guinness World Record, 200 Orbs

On July 19th 2014, twelve light painters ventured into the Virginia countryside to attempt a World Record. The group collectively called “East Coast Light Painters” consisted of light painting artists from all over the United States. Aaron Bauer, Christopher Renfro, CJ Yunger, Dennis Calvert, Jason D. Page, Jason L. Rinehart, Jeremy Jackson, Johnny … [Read More...]


February 2015 Light Painting Photography Contest

Here are the entries for the February 2015 "Light Writing" light painting photography contest. Everyone PLEASE VOTE in the comments section of this page to pick your top 3 images, the images all have a number in the title (EXAMPLE… IF ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES IS THE IMAGE TITLED “Light Painting Contest 02 February 2015″ THEN YOU SHOULD PUT THE NUMBER … [Read More...]


Drown In Me with Light Painting Artist Janne Parviainen

Want to now what went into making this incredible light painting by Janne Parviainen watch below... Drown In Me from Janne Parviainen on Vimeo. … [Read More...]


Light Painting Break Down: Mart Barras

From time to time we come across a light painting and just stare it wondering how the F@#! did they do that?!?! For my own sanity and to hopefully enlighten some of rest of the light painting community I am starting a new series on the LPP website called Break Down. Basically if you put out some crazy, confusing, mind boggling, or just plain … [Read More...]


Nocturnal Designs Documentary

Here is a nice short about Light Painting Photographer and December Light Painting Contest Winner Jordan Kjome, a.k.a. Nocturnal Designs. … [Read More...]