Light Painting Photography Contest Entries, April 2015

Here are the entries for the April 2015 "Kinetic" light painting photography contest. Everyone PLEASE VOTE in the comment section of this page to pick your top 3 images, the images all have a number in the title (EXAMPLE… IF ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES IS THE IMAGE TITLED “Light Painting Contest 02 April 2015″ THEN YOU SHOULD PUT THE NUMBER 2 AS ONE OF … [Read More...]


OSKAR Contest and Photo Exhibition

If you have not heard 2015 is The International Year of Light! A global initiative adopted by the United Nations to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health. OSKAR the student chapter of The Optical … [Read More...]


Huawei P8, A Phone Designed for Light Painting!

Yes I said a phone designed for light painting. I am pretty sure you can also call people and send text messages but who cares? The camera on this phone was specifically designed with long exposure photography in mind, and that is pretty awesome! Photographer and all around creative genius Ben Von Wong is onboard producing the video below to give … [Read More...]


Light Painting Photography Contest April 2015

The theme for the light painting photography contest starting March 1, 2015 is Kinetic Light Painting otherwise known as "Camera Painting" this means that the camera moves and the lights in your scene stay stationary. Great examples of this are Camera Rotations like the images below, now you don't have to rotate your camera you can use light from … [Read More...]

Light Paint Live Logo

Light Paint Live Mercury Version 2.0

The best live light painting software on the market just got an upgrade! Light Painting Artist Joerg Miedza and all around genius Josh Beckwith have been hard at work developing the Light Paint Live software for version 2.0 and I must say they have done a hell of a job creating an easy to use and versatile real time light painting tool! Light … [Read More...]