Light Painting Photography Contest Entries, November 2015

Here are the entries for the November 2015 "Portrait" light painting photography contest. Everyone PLEASE VOTE in the comment section of this page to pick your top 3 images, the images all have a number in the title (EXAMPLE… IF ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES IS THE IMAGE TITLED “Light Painting Contest 06 November 2015″ THEN YOU SHOULD PUT THE NUMBER 6 AS … [Read More...]

France Peace and Light Light Painting

Konte RAST – Peace and Light

On November 19th during the opening of "Enlightenment" at the Galerie l'Ecu de France, Light Painting Photographer Konte RAST directed more than 300 people from all different backgrounds, to create a Light Painting that is a symbol of Peace and Tolerance, Konte says "The differences we enrich and must never oppose". Love and light to all our … [Read More...]

Light Painting Photography Jan Leonardo Tokyo Motor Show 01

Light Painting by Jan Leonardo at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Congratulations to Light Painting Artist Jan Leonardo Wöllert for being selected to not only create the poster image, but also for being hired to create all the images that were used for the promotional and marketing materials for the Tokyo Motor Show 2015!!! Check out some of the images and the behind the scenes video below. What an incredible … [Read More...]

Light Painting Shilouette 01

3D Light Painting Animation by Trunk Animation

I saw this Light Painting video called Floating Points ~ Silhouettes created by the creative team at Trunk Animation about a month or so ago and I completely dismissed it as a computer animation project, mainly because I was not smart enough to think that something like this could be done without post production. Well I just found the making of … [Read More...]

Denis Smith Light Painting Workshop

Denis Smith Light Painting Workshop

I have never been to one of Denis Smith's Light Painting workshops but from what I have seen and read it looks like the man puts on one of the best workshops in the business. From awesome locations and gear for everyone to use, all the way down to the food service, the events look like one incredible experience. Good news is he has a new one coming … [Read More...]