2. Westwood - self portrait 1977

Welcome Susan Sims-Hillbrand

I would like to officially welcome Susan Sims-Hillbrand to the Light Painting Photography website. Susan has been creating her light painting work or "Penlights" since 1977! Please check out her full profile HERE to see more of her work and read all about Susan's light painting history!   … [Read More...]


Light Up Swing Set

I have always likened the beauty of light painting to that of a piece of music in that it can transcend cultural boundaries and just be appreciated as a beautiful thing. This cool piece of art from the creative collective of Daily tous les jours. that illuminates and plays music as the swingers swing does just that. Imagine what you could create … [Read More...]


Megalithic Light Painting by Luciérnagos – Fotografía Nocturna

The World's Biggest light painted Estela (Mandala from Ancient Celtic Tribes in Cantabria, Northern Spain) over 20 light painters, light painting over 36,000 square meters and created in a single 2133 second exposure all that = WOW. Check out Luciérnagos Facebook page HERE to get all the behind the scenes info on this Megalithic Light Painting! … [Read More...]

Garden of the Bride

Samved Kama Unit

Check out this excellent light painting video for the song KamaUnit by Samved. Incredibly this light painting video was created by just two people, light painters Chandrashekhar Karalkar & Nisarg Mehta of India. This massive light painting project took nearly 8 months to shoot starting in June 2013 and ending in Jan 2014, during that time … [Read More...]



All I can say is WOW. This is going to be the greatest event ever organized for light painting in the history of the world. The Light Painting International Congress is going to be held July 4th-6th with workshops, exhibitions, talks, and a variety of other events from International Light Painting Artist! The Light Painting World Exhibition will be … [Read More...]