Light Painters on News Stands NOW!

There are a few magazines you may want to pick up on news stands NOW featuring Light Painting! The first is ShutterBug Magazine's "Expert Photo Techniques" issue featuring masters Troy Paiva, Lance Keimig, and Darren Pearson! The other may be a little harder to find but if you do it will be worth it for the images alone, its FOCUS Magazine out of … [Read More...]

Light Painting Iron Man

Iron Man Light Painting

Check out these super cool Light Paintings and BTS images from Iron Man Live! Created by JanLeonard, Barney Flashlight, Heinz Jörg Wurzbacher, Garry Krätz and JanLeonardo's beautiful lady Anna Möller. … [Read More...]


Adobe Remix – Janne Parviainen Light Painting Photography Interview

Recently Adobe launched a project recently called Adobe Remix in which they "invited a broad mix of creatives" to reinterpret their logo. Janne Parviainen was the artist selected from our light painting family to put a light painting spin on the Adobe Logo. The results are nothing short of spectacular! Janne's light painting work and creativity … [Read More...]

October 2014 Light Painting Contest 06

Light Painting Contest Winner, Oct 2014

And the winner is…. Jelle Schuurmans for this Futuristic Bionic Image! Here is a little more about how it was created. Jelle said "I made this shot after a night of experimenting at home because of bad weather outside. I had the "Bionic" idea in my head for a while after seeing some guys PCB (Printed Circuit Board) pattern arm tattoo. So I … [Read More...]

October 2014 Light Painting Contest Entries

October 2014 Light Painting Contest Entries

Here are the entries for the October 2014 light painting photography contest. Everyone PLEASE VOTE in the comments section of this page to pick your top 3 images, the images all have a number in the title (EXAMPLE… IF ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES IS THE IMAGE TITLED “October 2014 Light Painting Contest 03″ THEN YOU SHOULD PUT THE NUMBER 3 AS ONE OF YOUR … [Read More...]