Light Painting Tim Gambel Stroma

Light Painting Break Down: Tim Gamble for “Stroma”

From time to time we come across a light painting and just stare it wondering how the F@#! did they do that?!?! Break Down is a series if which I only ask the artist one question “How the F@#! did you make this” its up to the artist to tell as little or as much as they want. For this Light Painting Breakdown Tim Gamble talks us through how he … [Read More...]

Light Painting SpiroJib John Griffin 00

The SpiroJib a Light Painting Mechanical Masterpiece by John Griffin

You probably know about Andrew Whyte's DOME tool created out of a bike tire, if you don't click HERE. Andrew's dome tool is a clever way to use a bike wheel as a light painting tool, but that leaves the question WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE BIKE!?! A few weeks back Light Painter John Griffin shared a new light painting contraption with me that he had … [Read More...]


Light Painting Photographer Vicki DaSilva #WithSyria

We all know people in the world can be horrible and there are countless atrocities happening right now as you read this article. When these topics arise the same question seems to come up, do we just hear about bad things more because we are all so connected now or is the world really worse than it was before? I don’t think the answer to that … [Read More...]


Light Painting Tutorial, Electric Orb

I made a new tutorial on how to create an "Electric Orb" using some of the Light Painting Brushes. Apologies for the bad audio… but Enjoy. Light Painting Tutorial Light Painting Photographer Jason D. Page shows you how to create an "Electric Orb" using some tools from Light Painting Brushes. This Orb was inspired by Light Painter Darren … [Read More...]

Light Painting Potato Power 2

Light Painting by Potato Power

Light Painting Photographer Joerg Miedza was helping his daughter with her science homework recently, when inspiration struck. Young Miedza was asking her dad about energy and how it worked. Thankfully Joerg remember a little experiment that he did when he was back in school. He thought that it would be a great way to teach his daughter a little … [Read More...]