Light Painting Onboard Memory

Light Painting Break Down: Johnny Dickerson for Onboard Memory

From time to time we come across a light painting and just stare it wondering how the F@#! did they do that?!?! Break Down is a series if which I only ask the artist one question “How the F@#! did you make this” its up to the artist to tell as little or as much as they want. For this Light Painting Breakdown Johnny Dickerson talks us through how he … [Read More...]

Dana Maltby Light Painting 05

Light Painting Podcast with Dana Maltby a.k.a. TCB

As you can see from the images above Dana Maltby a.k.a. TCB sucks at light painting. All his images are photoshopped and he has zero creativity… Ok I am full of s#@! Seriously I am a TCB fan, a huge fan. He is beyond creative and ridiculously technical with the ghetto rigs he takes into the underworld where he makes his work. Dana's work is SOOC or … [Read More...]

International Light Painting Awards 2015

ILPA 2015, JanLeonardo Interview

We are now a little past the half way point into the submission process for the 2nd International Light Painting Awards by JanLeonardo. As a member of the Artist Jury I know I have seen some cool stuff so far but I wanted to hear from the man himself to see how the contest was going and to maybe get a few pointers for those Light Painters that have … [Read More...]